Tulpen uit Washington

I’ve lived in Seattle 13 years. Today was my first visit to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. We’ve had it set on our calendar a few others times and been rained out. So, my last visit to vast fields of blooming tulips was in 1996, when I lived in The Netherlands as an exchange student. I savored taking an unscheduled, slow-paced day trip with my boys after weeks of a calendar covered in so much ink that I could barely tell when I double booked us. I told them bits and pieces about Holland and my year abroad, messed around with photography, and bribed Miles with ice cream to take a picture with Charlie and I.

These pictures are the first I’ve shared here that were taken on a completely manual setting. The kindest woman in my Buy Nothing Group gifted me several hours of free photography lessons one morning a few weeks ago. I promised her I’d only take pictures on the manual setting for at least a month. I’ve taken piles of overexposed shots and I still have a ton to learn, but I’m glad I’m attempting.IMG_9751IMG_9802IMG_9761IMG_9782IMG_9819IMG_9767IMG_9804IMG_9757IMG_9824IMG_9827


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