Walking home from school today we passed a house under renovation. Miles excitedly proclaimed, “Look, Charlie, a Honey Bucket!” (Something I never thought I’d need to google, in this case to confirm that it’s not a compound word.) Charlie replied, “Speaking of Honey Buckets, I need to get home!” “Why?” “I need to go potty.” Then Miles tells us in all seriousness, “Honey Buckets aren’t for going potty, they’re for pouring honey on top of the houses that are being built.”

Charlie and I busted up laughing, hurting Miles’ feelings. He laughed with us a bit at first, but he remains steadfast in his opinion. I imagine he won’t be swayed until he sets foot in one and becomes sorely disappointed, joining the rest of us in wondering about that name. And have they no respect for Winnie the Pooh?

Now, off to cook some dinner that does not include honey.


2 thoughts on “Buckets

  1. Amelia

    I had to google it as well, but for a totally different reason! I had never heard the term honey bucket before! We just call them porta-potties in Minnesota.


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