Taking Care of Business

A little business to get out of the way. I switched blog hosts, which meant changing the site layout and look, too. (Thank you to WordPress for making this easy and even somewhat fun. I am a fan!) If you’d like, you may now sign up to follow my posts via email. Of course, you can use an RSS feed, too. That’s my favorite way to follow blogs.

I also decided to get a little fancy and add a facebook page: kathleenbeanblog . In addition to my posts, I’ll share articles, recipes and blog posts that I found worthwhile but don’t want to write about in-depth. I promise I will not bombard your facebook newsfeed with post after post. I will post once or twice daily, max. Sometimes, I imagine, it will only be once or twice a month.  (January 2013 Revision: I removed the facebook page!)

Last, I have a youtube channel for all my songs and dances. (Seriously? You bought it? Well, not yet, folks. Not yet.)  But the dancing here does make me laugh a lot. And if you didn’t know about this yet, welcome to the party. Very, very late, but welcome.


One thought on “Taking Care of Business

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